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simple gift ideas for your health nut

Season’s best gift ideas for your health-conscious foodie friend

Some people love eating but at the same time, they also like leading a healthy lifestyle.

This is the perfect guide of gifts for your health nut foodie friend and it will bring a smile on their face for sure.

Healthy food doesn’t mean boring and tasteless food.

You can still make the best of dishes and most delicious ones by having the right gadgets and list of food items in your stores.

1. The Vegetable Spiralizer

Food that looks good is always very appetizing to eat. The vegetable spiralizer can help you make some amazing looking salads and it is effortless to use.

You can turn any vegetable into a great work of art using this, like zucchini, carrots, cucumber, potatoes and more.

It is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets to have and is easily available in online shopping sites.

It is not very expensive and costs you £17.

2. A Vitamix Food Blender

This is a very useful blender as it can do everything from mixing the dough to making milkshakes and pastes.

Health nuts usually prefer to start their morning with vegetable or protein shakes and later move on to healthy bread.

So this one blender is the mother of all blenders as it can do everything.

3. Oil Mister

This unique oil can and dispenser is a boon to all health freaks. It can mix and blend oils with its multi-compartment storage and one can even add in some herbs to the oil to make it more interesting.

The oil dispenser is attached to the storage can and dispenses oil very carefully.

4. Health Crockpot

This unique crockpot can perform multiple tasks at the same time as boiling vegetables and also cooking up rice and lentils without mixing them up.

The crockpot has two compartments and one can be used for vegetables and the other can be used for rice or lentils.

It also has a timer that can program individual cooking time and temperature for both compartments.

This time-saving kitchen tool is a great holiday season gift for your health nut friend.

It is easily available in any of the online shopping sites.

5. The Magic Bullet

This is the best season gift that you can present to your health freak foodie friend.

This kitchen equipment comes with various assortments that can be changed as per usage.

For example, you can grind coffee using the grinder accessory and blend drinks and it is also a food processor.

It is not very big and is space saving. This is also an ideal gift for a health-oriented person who loves to gorge on food.

6. Fruit basket

Last but not the least, a good fruit basket with farm-grown, organic fruits, healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, and dates chosen from the best countries and a basket full of healthy vegetables and is always appealing to any person and especially a health conscious person.

No matter what you choose, make sure that it is a unique gift for your friend and also a useful one.

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