1. How do I list my product?

Once you pitch an interesting product idea to us, we list your product on our homepage. All new products are shown in chronological order, and your product also takes pride of place in our gift guide. This will help more views and interest amongst the readers.

2. Do I get a refund if my pitch performs below average?

It is regretful when some pitches perform low than expectations, but we do not provide a refund.

3. What is the average? How do you arrive at the number?

Any product should engage the audience to be successful. The average represents a weighted score based on a comparative engagement metrics of unique clicks and wish list saves for every product on display in our site. We recalculate the average every 30 days, to ensure accuracy and transparency within our pitch platform.

4. How soon will my product pitch show up on the site?

Our approval process is accomplished within 24 hours of the pitch.

5. Are sexual/offensive/controversial products allowed?

It depends on how sensitive the issues surrounding the product is. If we feel that it is not something which will suit our principles, your pitch will not be approved. We process 100% refund with immediate effect.

6. What will my product look like on the site?

It will look much like our regular content listing.

7. Can I track the performance of my product?

Of course, you can! Your product pitch dashboard will give you precise information about the performance.

8. Does paying high price guarantee my product being listed?

We focus on providing our readers with a rich array of innovative products. So, the high price will not sway us, as we endeavour to maintain our site's integrity. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being the authority on new and interesting products. Our readers trust us to give them the best choices out there!

9. Who do I contact for further information?

You can reach us at [email protected]

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